Low light photography using only available light

  As a teacher I am always asked “how can I shoot such and such a subject in low light?”. Typically it is a parent photographing either a son or daughter playing indoor sports(these questions are far more numerous in the winter months when all the sports move inside) or throughout the school year when the kids have their programs in the school auditorium. I thought it would be good to just bullet point a few of the main pointsRead more

Shooting Star Trails

I  recently had a student who was interested in shooting star trails.   I was very familiar with the techniques from the 35mm days but knew digital required a new approach, so once again “hit the books”.  The new techniques necessary to do so are not all too dissimilar from 35mm  except digital requires 250+ exposures and some post production work.    So I  thought I would share, in outline form, some of the steps to successfully record star trailsRead more

The Sunny 16 Rule

Sunny 16 Rule In photography, the Sunny 16 rule  is a method of estimating correct daylight exposures without a light meter.  The Sunny 16 rule can also aid in achieving correct exposure of difficult subjects such as a snowy scene in bright sunlight or photographing a black tire.  All cameras are calibrated to meter for an average tone.  In the world of photography that tone is called 18% neutral gray.  When we point our cameras at either a black toneRead more