Photography and the Art of Seeing Light

        Training your “eye” to really see the light in any given scene is the most important step toward improving your photography. To see the lighting we must learn to stop and look at the actual shadows and gradients. Seeing is about awareness, but it isn’t easy at first. It takes a conscious decision to stop, and actually look and search the scene at length – to know what we see. The more you look, the moreRead more

Pennsylvania HDR Images

Several weeks ago I spent a week at a camp by the name of Rock Mountain Bible Camp in the mountains of Pennsylvania. As the activities director my time during the day is taken up with “directing” and very little time for “shooting”. However I was able to get up before the kids and “shoot” the sunrises and around the lake behind my cabin. Most of the shots were shot on a tripod, bracketed, and later combined into HDR images.Read more