A Eulogy For The Local Camera Store

Today is a sad day for Greenville, SC. Today is a sad day for our country. The internet won. Starting tomorrow morning, October 19, 2012, many of our cities will have a serious deficiency of readily accessible photographic knowledge. Years of acquired knowledge and expertise is gone. One person who knew the decades of cumulitive knowledge we had in our city told me “that is A LOT of knowledge just gone”. In Greenville, SC starting tomorrow morning go to 765FRead more

Shutter Speed – tricks of the trade

  This will be the first of several articles on shutter speeds. Of the four aspects of exposure, (light, shutter speed, aperture and ISO), shutter speed is my second favorite, light being number one. Everywhere you look there is some kind of movement that can be recorded, whether that motion is “frozen” using a faster shutter speed or blurred a little with a slower shutter speed is first dependent on the light and secondly by how you want to interpretRead more

Replacement tripod quick release plates

Let’s look at a typical scenario, we are loading up at the last minute to go shoot, grab our tripod and notice the quick release plate is gone. We then spend the next 15 minutes looking for it and sometimes to no avail. We have looked in all of our five gadgets bags, in the trunk of our car, all through our cars and still can not find it. We then, on our way out of town, stop in atRead more