About Me



The earliest evidence that there was a photography “gene” in my family was that my grandmother toted her Brownie Hawkeye everywhere we went (that camera now sits on my mantle).  My father continued as an aficionado and worked in a photography studio.  This early exposure (no pun intended) spawned a childhood fascination with the craft that took me from setting up a darkroom in our garage in California at the age of 13 all the way to acquiring my degree in cinematography.

My specialities are portraiture, landscape and architectural  photography with proficiencies in Photoshop, Photomatix and Powerpoint.  The continuing evolution of the  field, and its satisfying blend of the technical and the artistic have continued to inspire me.

I had worked and taught for Wolf Camera for many years and as their “expert” had many opportunities to teach and inspire and hopefully transfer my enthusiasm and passion for the craft to my former students.  I have now struck out on my own to continue teaching both in a private setting as well as public.  In the spirit of teaching, I will be posting each Wednesday something of what I have learned in the former week in an attempt to help you avoid any pitfalls and help you in your quest to become a better photographer.


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