Pennsylvania HDR Images

Several weeks ago I spent a week at a camp by the name of Rock Mountain Bible Camp in the mountains of Pennsylvania. As the activities director my time during the day is taken up with “directing” and very little time for “shooting”. However I was able to get up before the kids and “shoot” the sunrises and around the lake behind my cabin. Most of the shots were shot on a tripod, bracketed, and later combined into HDR images. Thankfully each morning there was either no breeze or very little to deal with since each scene was bracketed and later merged together. Each was shot with my Tamron 10-24mm lens in aperture priority at f/16.


Using the rule of thirds always gives you the opportunity to put the emphasis either on the foreground in the lower two thirds of the above image or, in the case of the next image, on the upper two thirds for the spectacular sunrise.

Same scene different day.


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