Replacement tripod quick release plates


Let’s look at a typical scenario, we are loading up at the last minute to go shoot, grab our tripod and notice the quick release plate is gone. We then spend the next 15 minutes looking for it and sometimes to no avail. We have looked in all of our five gadgets bags, in the trunk of our car, all through our cars and still can not find it. We then, on our way out of town, stop in at the local camera store and ask for “a quick release plate for my tripod”. Unfortunately it is then we learn that not only are the plates brand specific but they are model specific as well. The economy, as it is, all of our local stores have surrendered to the Internet to meet our “immediate needs”. So where do you go online to find such a part. I have recently found a place and what a find. It is (you’ll find a link to their site in the right hand column). If you visit them make sure and get two just In case you lose one.

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